Tristan and the Hispanics


by Jose Yglesias

Publication Date: September 30, 2003
Bind: Trade Paperback
Pages: 192


A young man’s riotous introduction to his family’s Cuban heritage.

In the sequel to Yglesias’ comic novel, Home Again, Pinpin’s grandson Tristan goes to Ybor City after Pinpin’s death, only to be engulfed by the madcap and offbeat Cuban-American family once again led by Tristan’s great uncle, Tom-tom.

Yale Freshman Tristan Granados is sent by his bourgeouis Boston family to Tampa, Florida to resolve his grandfather’s estate as quickly as possible. Like his grandfather before him, Tristan’s plans are undermined at every turn by the bevy of Latino cousins who try to impress him even as they try to connive him out of his and his family’s inheritance. As he watches the antics of his fiery and hilarious family, Tristan is forced to confront his own identity and his heritage.