Submissions to Arte Público Press

Books for adult and general readers. Please become familiar with our publications before submitting a manuscript, and send only material relevant to our publishing needs. We only consider electronic submissions. Please do not mail manuscripts. Please do not call our offices for instructions or to discuss submissions. We recommend that writers include an introductory sample of the manuscript instead of sending the entire manuscript.

Manuscripts, queries, synopses, outlines, proposals, introductory chapters, etc. are considered in either English or Spanish, although the majority of our publications are in English.

Response time is 2-4 months for queries and proposals and 3-6 months for manuscripts.

Submissions for Piñata Books

Piñata Books is Arte Público Press’ imprint for children’s and young adult literature. It seeks to authentically and realistically portrayed themes, characters and customs unique to US Hispanic culture. Submissions and manuscript formalities are the same as for Arte Público Press.

Manuscript Submissions Form

Thanks for considering Arte Público Press to review your manuscript.

Please submit your manuscript using the Manuscript Submission Form. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at