Below you will find an alphabetical list of ongoing digital humanities projects that come out of the Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage archives.

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Using a sampling of the correspondence in the Alonso S. Perales collection, this map visualizes the extent of the civil rights activist and LULAC Co-founder's reach.

Project managers: Lorena Gauthereau, PhD and Theresa Mayfield, MLS


Antifascismo y Feminismo en la "Página de la Mujer" de La Voz (Nueva York, 1938)

This digital collection includes articles published in La Voz's "Página de la mujer" in 1938 that discuss political issues, such as antifascism, democratic values, feminism, women's rights, peace movements and international solidarity.

This project was supported by a USLDH-Mellon grant-in-aid

Principal investigator: Ana María Díaz Marcos, PhD


Are We Good Neighbors?

This project maps cases of discrimination against people of Mexican descent in Texas during the 1940s as documented by affidavits collected by Alonso S. Perales.

Project manager: Lorena Gauthereau, PhD


Arte Público Press Digital

Created on the Manifold Scholarship platform, APPDigital provides iterative texts, powerful annotation tools, rich media and robust community dialogue, that transforms scholarly publications into living digital works.


Dataset: Editorials

Out of 288 indexed periodicals, this rich dataset includes editorials and letters to the editor. This dataset demonstrates the breadth of topics represented in Spanish-language periodicals published in the United States between 1808 and 1960; some of the topics include politics, women’s rights, intellectual life and social conditions, among others. The dataset is hosted on the Cougar ROAR’s (Research Open Access Repositories) Dataverse Repository, a part of the larger Texas Data Repository, a statewide collaboration of Texas higher education institutions.

Project manager: Linda García Merchant, PhD


Delis Negrón Digital Archive

This digital archive highlights the life and work of Delis Negrón, a Puerto Rican writer who was also a director, editor, English professor and activist in south Texas and Mexico City.

Student lead: Sylvia A. Fernández
Collaborators: Isis Campos, Victoria Moreno, and Annette Zapata


Día de los muertos: Altar digital

This digital altar provides information about Día de muertos/Day of the dead, including the important elements for an altar. It also highlights several Arte Público Press authors with short biographies and calavera poems.

Created by Roselia Bañuelos, Chris Flakus, Julio Antonio Molinete, Elías David Navarro, María Sánchez Carbajo, Alonzo Silavong and Katerin Zapata.


Entre Balas y Rugidos: Leonor Villegas de Magnón Exhibit

Entre Balas y Rugidos is an online exhibit that explores the various roles of Leonor Villegas de Magnón during the Mexican Revolution, her indispensability to the cause, and her wider significance in history.

Entre Balas y Rugidos (español)

Project manager: Melinda Mejia, PhD


FIghting Fascist Spain – The Exhibits

Fighting Fascist Spain – The Exhibits is an online collection and interpretive exhibits that recover, preserve, and make available US Hispanic antifascist print culture. FFSTE visualizes workers' protest fashioned by the alternative intellectual, cultural, and political traditions and institutions: grassroots associations, the alternative press, and the comic and farcical theater. All of which provided opportunities for antifascist activism in the United States.

This project was supported by a USLDH-Mellon grant-in-aid and a  Summer 2021 FAST SHSU Award.

Primary investigator: Montse Feu, PhD


Hispanic Theater Collection

This digital exhibit showcases posters, flyers and photographs from the Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage's Hispanic Theater Collection, donated by Nicolás Kanellos. This project was developed by the US Latino Digital Humanities (USLDH) Center at the University of Houston.

Primary investigator: Gabriela Baeza Ventura, PhD

red, white and blue shield logo for LULAC

LULAC Timeline

The interactive LULAC timeline is a collaboration between LULAC and Recovery/USLDH. The timeline highlights key moments for the nation's oldest Latino civil rights organization.

English timeline

Cronología en español

Student leads: Ariatna Vaglienty Gonzalez and Katerin Zapata



In 2017-2021, Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage conducted a survey of small historical societies, libraries and museums in the Southwest and Southeast that might hold Hispanic archival materials and to assess how they were preserved and made accessible. The results were digitally mapped as part of this survey to serve as a guide to Hispanic materials at small institutions. This project is supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

Principal investigator: Nicolás Kanellos, PhD


Printed pathways in us latino periodicals

This is a comprehensive authority list that contains robust bibliographic information about US Latina/o authors and poets who published in US Latino periodicals.

Project manager: Isis Campos


Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Blog

This blog is dedicated to highlighting archival documents, digital humanities projects, resources, workshops, events, and news.

Project manager: Lorena Gauthereau, PhD


Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage DIGITAL ARCHIVES

This digital archive contains a sampling of some of Recovery's collections, such as that of Alonso S. Perales and Ángela de Hoyos. The digital collections include photographs, correspondence and other documents. 

Project manager: Lorena Gauthereau, Ph.D.


Twitter Bots

Tweets out quotations from Alonso S. Perales’ writings, information regarding Perales, and news regarding his collection. Created by Lorena Gauthereau, Ph.D. and Theresa Mayfield, M.L.S.

Unveils Latino authors’ written legacy recovered in newspapers published in the United States from 1808 to 1960. The bot asks people to contribute by responding with any additional information they’ve come across in their research. Created by Isis Campos and Sylvia Fernández.


visual bibliography of hispanic periodicals in the us

The purpose of this visualization is to reveal the written legacy of US Latinos in serial publication form and create awareness of the historical extent to which the Latino community has made their presence in the United States. The information is based on the book Hispanic Periodicals in the United States: Origins to 1960 A Brief History and Comprehensive Bibliography by Nicolás Kanellos and Helvetia Martell. 

Project manager: Isis Campos

Coming Soon


1918 Influenza Epidemic Collection

This digital collection includes a sampling of archival newspaper clips in Spanish-language newspapers about the 1918 Flu Epidemic. Included are advertisements and personal accounts of how the flu impacted the Latino community.

Student leads: Julia Goodley (Whitmore College intern), Melissa Carrizales (SER Bank of America Youth Leadership Program intern), Carolina López-Herrera (REACH undergraduate fellow) and Maribel Bello (RA)


En Defensa de mi raza

The APP Digital platform will allow for an interactive reading experience, complete with links and annotation tools, of En Defensa de mi raza (1936 & 1937), which contains articles, letters and speeches written by Alonso S. Perales, one of the most influential civil rights activists of the early twentieth century.


Emilio Sarabia and the Latino History of Houston

This project highlights historic spaces important to the Houston Latino community.



Familia Morales Scrapbook

This interactive scrapbook documents the life and work of a Houston Mexican-American family who established a Spanish radio station and funeral home. These businesses served the Latino community at a time when Jim Crow laws imposed discriminatory and racist practices, limiting their access to basic services. The project includes photographs, news clippings, a radio playlist and political ads. This collection was donated to Recovery/USLDH by Texas House Representative, Christina Morales.

Student lead: S. Shine Trabucco



James A. Novarro Collection

This digital collection includes a sampling of archival photographs, flyers, posters and news clippings from the James L. Novarro Collection. Reverend Novarro, a pastor of Houston’s Kashmere Baptist Temple and state chaplain of the Political Association of Spanish-speaking Organizations (PASO), was a civil rights activist, LULAC member, editor of the Spanish-language newspaper El Sol, and host of the first Spanish-language and longest-running radio program, La hora bautista.

Student lead: Alejandro Aguilar (REACH undergraduate fellow)


Latino Film History Project

This digital collection compiles articles about cinema that were published in US Spanish-language periodicals. The collection highlights the impact of Latinas/os in the film industry from the 1900s to 1960. This project is supported by an ACLS grant for the Media History Digital Library (led by Dr. Eric Hoyt at the University of Wisconsin-Madison).

Student lead: Katerin Zapata


Network of women in hispanic periodicals

This project visualizes the vast network between women writing in the early Hispanic press in the United States.

Student lead: Isis Campos


La patria perdida

The APP Digital platform will allow for an interactive reading experience, complete with links and annotation tools, of Teodoro Torres' 1935 novel of Mexican immigration, La patria perdida.

Student lead: Elías David Navarro


Periodicals in the US-Mexico Border Region

UH’s Recovery Program will digitize, create metadata and a public-facing collection of 200 Spanish-language (a few in English) periodicals (some 200,000 pages) published along the US-Mexico border from 1850 to 1956. Recovery’s US Latino Digital Humanities Center (USLDH) will provide support for this digital archive. From Brownsville, Texas to San Diego, California, and the northern Mexican states of Coahuila and Tamaulipas, most of the periodicals have never been accessible to scholars and most comprise the only extant copies. Periodicals in the US-Mexico Border Region is supported by the Council on Library Information Resources (CLIR) Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives awards program, which is generously funded by the Mellon Foundation. 

Project manager: Mikaela Selley


El Proyecto de la literatura puertorriqueña/The Puerto Rican Literature Project (PLPR)

El proyecto de la literatura puertorriqueña/The Puerto Rican Literature Project (PLPR) was initiated by a collective of prominent scholars, writers and translators from Puerto Rico and the US diaspora who are working in partnership with the UH’s Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Program/US Latino Digital Humanities (Recovery/USLDH) to develop a free, user-friendly and open-access digital portal in Omeka that people within and outside academia in the United States and Puerto Rico may use to learn about/or teach Puerto Rican literature. This project is supported by a grant from the Mellon Foundation.

To learn more, please visit:


Recovery Datasets

Since 1996 Recovery scholars and graduate students have worked on indexing newspapers at an article level producing metadata in English and Spanish to facilitate discoverability for researchers. The output is reflected in several datasets that speak of the diversity of the cultural, political and intellectual life of the Hispanic/Latina/Latino/Latinx community in the United States.

Project manager: Linda García Merchant, PhD


Shifting Demographics in Houston

This project focuses on the shifting demographics of the Houston area in order to trace the growth of Latino neighborhoods and changes due to gentrification.

Student Leads: Bryant Hernández and Carlos Campos (REACH undergraduate fellow)