The Truth about Las Mariposas


An entertaining mystery novel for young adults by Ofelia Dumas Lachtman that features a Hispanic Nancy Drew-like character.

by Ofelia Dumas Lachtman

ISBN: 978-1-55885-494-9
Publication Date: 2007
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 176
Imprint: Piñata Books
11 and up

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Sixteen-year-old Carolina “Caro” Torres is excited about spending six weeks of her summer vacation working for her Tía Matilde, mainly because she needs money to buy the car she has been eyeing. But her excitement turns to bewilderment when she finds her aunt hobbling around on a broken foot and, much to her surprise, the owner of a bed and breakfast called Las Mariposas.

Almost immediately Caro meets two young people–Andy and Sara–who fill her in on the goings-on around town. For reasons no one understands, the mayor is trying to put her Tía Matilde out of business. His efforts have forced many of the townsfolk to stop doing business with her. A broken foot and a relentless antagonist are too much for Matilde, and she is ready to give up her home and her livelihood. But the three young people convince Matilde that they can help her run the B&B while she recovers.

Busy with cleaning rooms, buying groceries, and cooking meals for their guests, Caro and her new friends still find time to wonder why the mayor is so determined to run her aunt out of business. When Caro finds a piece of a mysterious, old letter that makes reference to a fortune left to an unknown individual, the young people are sure there’s a connection to the mayor’s attempts to gain ownership of Las Mariposas. Who could have written the letter? What “bequest” is it talking about?

Popular young adult author Ofelia Dumas Lachtman has once again crafted an entertaining and intriguing mystery novel for teen readers.