Black Widow’s Wardrobe


by Lucha Corpi

ISBN: 978-1-55885-288-4
Published: 30 Nov 1999
Bind: Trade Paperback
Pages: 194

A Latino Literary Hall of Fame’s Best Mystery Novel

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Was it a specter from the past, some Aztec revenant that had inspired the “Black Widow” to kill her husband? Or did these chilling murders have more to do with the rights of property and inheritance, and mere greed? In Lucha Corpi’s third and final installment to the Gloria Damasco Detective Series, Black Widow’s Wardrobe, the intrigue is high, the questions are many and the answers lie in the sleuthing skills of one woman.

Who better than Gloria Damasco, that indomitable detective with a flair for clairvoyance, to unravel this intricate and pulsing plot, which winds its way from an exotic Day of the Dead celebration in San Francisco to the even more exotic sites and customs of Tepozotlán, an Indian village high in the mountains above Cuernavaca? Gloria soon finds herself in an uncanny struggle to rescue the soul of Licia, the Black Widow, who believes herself possessed by the spirit of La Malinche, the eternally condemned slayer of her mixed-blood offspring during the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Part thriller, part exploration of myth and history, Black Widow’s Wardrobe is a page-turner.