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Javier Huerta

...Gomez, a 19 year-old maquiladora worker, and Javier Huerta, a 21 year-old coyote.  They lived in la Colonia Mirador until July of 1981, when he and his family —father, mother, and two-year old brother Tomás—crossed
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Some Clarifications y Otros Poemas

...undocumented people who live in United States, Javier O. Huerta struggles with his own sense of loss, caught between his life here and his past in Mexico. “Soy nadiense,” he writes in another poem—I am from nowhere.
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American Copia: An Immigrant Epic

...non-fiction passages and even text messages, Huerta delves into subjects such as consumerism and health foods available only to a limited class of people. The diverse pieces and themes in American Copia pulsate with all that can be both communal
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The Latino Young Men and Boys Forum in Photos

Three acclaimed authors—Luis J. Rodríguez, Javier O. Huerta and Henry A. J. Ramos—spoke at the Latino Young Men and Boys in Search of Justice: A My Brother’s Keeper Forum, which took place Friday, September 30, at the
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Add Latinx Voices to Your Poetry Collection!

...Copia: An Immigrant Epic by Javier O. Huerta In this innovative work that uses grocery stores as a guiding motif, Huerta deftly combines English and Spanish to explore his
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Latino Authors to Participate in My Brother’s Keeper Forum at UHD

...the Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street gangs. JAVIER O. HUERTA is the author of American Copia (Arte Público Press, 2012) and Some Clarifications y otros poemas (Arte Público Press, 2007), winner of the
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