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Author Date Length of interview URL Book discussed
Alicia Gaspar de Alba 4/10/08 27:10:00 Desert Blood
Javier O. Huerta 5/2/08 24:58:00 Some Clarifications y Otros Poemas
Carlos Cisneros 6/11/08 27:58:00 The Case Runner
Victor Villaseñor 9/4/08 45:54:00 Crazy Loco Love
Rolando Hinojosa 1/21/09 53:34:00 We Happy Few
John Lantigua 2/24/09 43:48:00 The Lady from Buenos Aires: A Willie Cuesta Mystery
Graciela Limón 4/15/09 48:21:00 The River Flows North
Sarah Cortez 5/4/09 33:43:00 Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery
Lucha Corpi 8/24/09 72:17:00
Silvio Sirias 11/25/09 46:49:00 Meet Me under the Ceiba
Stephanie Fetta 2/8/10 88:24:00 The Chicano/Latino Literary Prize: An Anthology of Prize-Winning Fiction, Poetry, and Drama
Stella Pope Duarte 3/16/10 60:40:00 Women Who Live in Coffee Shops and Other Stories
Dr. Marion Oettinger Jr. 4/21/10 30:48:00 Folk Treasures of Mexico: The Nelson A. Rockefeller Collection
Beatriz Rivera 8/13/10 61:19:00 When a Tree Falls
Mario Bencastro 10/11/10 63:34:00 Paraíso portátil / Portable Paradise
Miguel Piñero 11/10/10 38:04:00 Outlaw: The Collected Works of Miguel Pinero
Manuel Ramos 4/28/11 48:28:00 The Skull of  Pancho Villa and Other Stories
Sergio Troncoso 9/9/11 82:24:00 Crossing Borders: Personal Essays.
Lyn Di Iorio 10/10/11 46:31:00
Outside the Bones
Luis Valdez Feb-12 51:54:00 Zoot Suit: A Bilingual Edition
Josefina Lopez 10/16/12 52:17:00 8 Ways to Say “I Love My Life!”
Michael A. Olivas 2/7/13 71:29:00 In Defense of My People: Alonso S. Perales and the Development of Mexican-American Public Intellectuals
Alicia Gaspar de Alba 3/11/13 57:33:00 Calligraphy of the Witch
Daniel Chacón 5/21/13 57:09:00 Hotel Juarez: Stories, Rooms, and Loops
Manuel Ramos 6/25/13 33:19:00 Desperado: A Mile High Noir
Victor Villaseñor 9/10/13 50:33:00 Rain of Gold
J.L. Torres 10/30/13 58:10:00 The Accidental Native
Rolando Hinojosa 9/19/14 12:14:00 Klail City/Klail City y Sus Alrededores
Lucha Corpi 10/30/14 9:26:00 Confessions of a Book Burner: Personal Essays and Stories
Gwendolyn Zepeda 5/20/15 10:09:00 Monsters, Zombies and Addicts
Jesús Salvador Treviño 11/4/15 8:52:00 Return to Arroyo Grande
Henry A. J. Ramos 2/25/16 10:42:00 Latino Young Men and Boys in Search of Justice: Testimonials
Frank de Jesús Acosta 3/17/16 10:38 Latino Young Men and Boys in Search of Justice: Testimonials
Patricia Santos Marcantonio 4/26/16 11:22 Verdict in the Desert
Hipólito Acosta and A. J. Irwin 6/20/16 10:34:00 The Hunt for Maan Singh
Ron Arias 11/7/16 34:25:00 The Wetback and Other Stories
Frank Varela 2/14/17 31:58:00 Diaspora: Selected and New Poems
Jorge Argueta 3/21/17 29:16:00 En carne propia: Memoria poética / Flesh Wounds: A Poetic Memoir
Melissa Castillo-Garsow 4/26/17 47:02:00 ¡Manteca! An Anthology of Afro-Latin@ Poets
Mickey Ibarra 6/29/17 21:48 Latino Leaders Speak: Personal Stories of Struggle and Triumph
José B. González 2/13/18 33:14:00 When Love was Reels: Poetry
Daniel Peña 3/6/18 32:34:00 Bang: A Novel
John Rechy 5/2/18 20:59 Pablo!
Alicia Gaspar de Alba 6/27/18 31:16:00 The Curse of the Gypsy: Ten Stories and a Novella
Jasminne Mendez 8/22/18 31:41:00 Night-Blooming Jasmin(n)e: Personal Essays and Poetry

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