Necessary Theater: Six Plays About the Chicano Experience


Edited by Jorge Huerta

ISBN: 978-0-93477-095-8
Publication Date: July 1989
Bind: Trade Paperback
Pages: 368

Playwrights include Judith and Severo Pérez, Luis Valdez and El Teatro de la Esperanza.



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Huerta, a leading exponent of contemporary Chicano theater, has assembled six short, representative plays that not only share the common theme of survival but also have received successful staging. The plays’ stylistic variety, from the Brechtian Guadalupe and La victima through the realistically domestic Soldierboy to the modern morality play Money, combined with useful introductions both to the collection as a whole and to each of the scripts, enhances the anthology’s value. Readers should be informed that some scenes are bilingual and some written entirely in Spanish. Recommended especially for libraries serving Hispanic communities.