Women Don’t Need to Write


By Raquel Puig Zaldívar

Publication Date: September 30, 1998
Bind: Trade Paperback
Pages: 352

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About The Book

This multi-generational family saga weaves the story of Rosa Gerach, a woman looking back at her life on the day of her ninety-fifth birthday. As she reminisces over the near century of her existence, her strong and willful voice weaves a compelling and dramatic tale that takes us from Valencia, Spain in 1900, to Cuba in the throes of revolution, then on to the United States and the fulfilled promise of freedom and opportunity.

Women Don’t Need to Write paints a powerful panorama of a woman’s troubled, but ultimately successful, voyage beyond mere survival to empowerment and even a measure of prosperity. This universal story of love and family preservation will exert its spell upon a wide audience.