The Nature of Truth


by Sergio Troncoso

ISBN: 978-1-55885-791-9
Publication Date: March 31, 2014
Format: Paperback
Pages: 261

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A graduate student at Yale University, Helmut Sanchez has discovered an ugly truth about his boss, a world-renowned German professor. In a letter written more than fifty years ago, Professor Werner Hopfgartner absolved Austria of any guilt for its participation in the Second World War.

What kind of sick mind would rationalize away the murder of millions of Jews, gypsies and other subversives, Helmut wonders. And how can it be that he has been helping, and even admiring, such a person? As the young researcher continues his quest for answers, he uncovers something even more horrific, something that fuels a dangerous obsession for justice—and a murderous plan.

But he isn’t the only one who hates Hopfgartner. Regina Neumann, a colleague in the department, is determined to nail the aged scholar for his sexual involvement with young co-eds, something everyone knows about but ignores. And there are former lovers and the students he has taken advantage of. Award-winning author Sergio Troncoso has penned a suspenseful novel that explores right and wrong, good and evil, and the murky borders in between. Ultimately, we are left to ask: what is the nature of truth?