The Ghostly Rider and Other Chilling Stories


A collection of scary tales for young people. Gathers stories from the Mexican American oral tradition.

by Hernán Moreno-Hinojosa

ISBN: 978-1-55885-400-0
Publication Date: 2003
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 96
Imprint: Piñata Books
11 and up

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A collection of scary tales to thrill and entertain young people. Nieves readies to go home on the night of a full moon. His journey will take him through a vacant meadow where one old-timer insists he met the cold stare of death. Nieves says, “I shall give Lady Death your regards, old man,” as he prepares to ride away. As Nieves turns into the dark night, both he and the reader who rides with him feel their throat gripped with dread.

In this debut collection of stories of the bizarre, the folk legends of a community raise their heads, sometimes even from the grave. The spooks are all here: Lady Death, the Ghostly Rider, and their other dead—and in some cases deadly—friends. But it doesn’t stop there: shape-shifters, the devil, and monsters galore invite the reader to a ghastly party.

Moreno-Hinojosa threads together the cuentos viejos, the stories told by the fire before the television captured imaginations in visual images. These chilling tales transport the reader to another place and time, before electric lights and highways, and when shadows drifted across an unlit countryside.