Across the Great River


by Irene Beltrán Hernández

ISBN: 978-0-934770-96-5
Publication Date: April 30, 1989
Bind: Paperback
Pages: 144
Ages: 11 and up

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Kata Campos’s family is torn apart, separated by the trials of slipping across the border from Mexico illegally.  With her father missing and her mother gravely wounded, she has to learn to adjust to her confusing and dangerous new life and look out for her little brother at the same time.

Across the Great River is an exciting tale of a young girl maturing and taking on the leadership role in her family. The family’s experiences with labor smugglers, crime, a folk hero, and the authorities are all told with the innocence and directness of a young girl who must face the harshness of life at an early age.