The Case Runner


In this legal thriller set on the Texas-Mexico border, a young lawyer finds himself.

by Carlos Cisneros

ISBN: 978-1-55885-510-6
Published: March 31, 2008
Bind: Clothbound
Pages: 359

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Alejandro “Alex” del Fuerte, fresh out of law school, is returning home to South Texas, ready to open his solo practice, humble as it may be. He’s got dreams of making his mark in the world and in the courtroom. But when he meets Porfirio “Pilo” Medina, who just crossed the border in search of his wife and son, Alex is suddenly dragged into a world of wrongdoings and political pay-offs rarely covered in law school.

The mystery deepens when Pilo is murdered, seemingly to cover up the truth about his wife and child’s disappearance and a conspiracy to scam insurance companies out of millions of dollars. Alex fears that his short career as an attorney—not to mention his life—will come to a sudden end, as the heavyweight players involved will stop at nothing to keep him from exposing their dirty secrets, even if it means resorting to blackmail, bribery, and even murder.

As Alex’s lofty ideals and dreams are dashed, and his own ethics and morals come into question, he must also fend off his girlfriend’s father, Lieutenant Governor Rene Yarrington, the most influential person in Texas politics. Rampant corruption and big-money politics are set against the rich backdrop of border culture, with its distinctive way of life and unique perspective. And Alex, something between saint and sinner, is an apt guide to both the light and dark sides of the region.

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