Maya’s Divided World (Roosevelt High School Series)


By Gloria Velásquez

ISBN: 978-1-55885-131-3
Publication Date: 1995
Bind: Trade Paperback
Pages: 128

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Maya’s Divided World is the second installment in Gloria Velásquez’s Roosevelt High School Series of fictional narratives dealing with the pressures and mysteries of young adult life.  The highly-regarded series takes place in a high school with a multicultural student body and explores the problems of growing up in today’s world.

In Maya’s Divided World, the well ordered and productive life that Maya has been able to accomplish during her high school years receives a sudden jolt, and everything seems to come undone when her parents announce their impending divorce. Her mother’s traditional family almost disowns her when they hear the bad news, but their surprise and dismay is nothing compared to the depression and loss experienced by Maya, who had no idea that her parents were growing apart.

In her confusion, Maya abandons her friends for a newer, rougher set, and generally turns her back on all of the positive values, aspirations and accomplishments that once meant so much to her. The reaction of Maya’s friends and family to her disorientation makes for engrossing, enriching reading.