News release: Gabriela Baeza Ventura elected to MLA’s Digital Humanities Forum

Gabriela Baeza Ventura was elected to serve on the Modern Language Association (MLA) Transdisciplinary Connections Digital Humanities Forum Executive Committee for 2022-2027. As part of this forum, Baeza Ventura will help to represent areas of scholarly and professional interests for MLA members.

MLA Forums “promote scholarly and professional activities within their areas of concern. The executive committees of the forums arrange sessions at the MLA Annual Convention, make nominations for executive committee elections and for the election of the forums’ representatives in the MLA Delegate Assembly, and provide information of interest to their members through association periodicals or mailings to forum members. Forums advise appropriate MLA committees on research and pedagogical needs in their fields of interest and may propose to the Executive Council projects that the association might wish to undertake” (“Policies for Forums and Allied Organizations”).

Gabriela Baeza Ventura joins the Modern Language Association (MLA) Transdisciplinary Connections Digital Humanities Forum Executive Committee.

Baeza Ventura brings a unique perspective to the forum based on her work in Digital Humanities (DH) at the University of Houston’s US Latino DH Center that seeks to create a physical space for the research and exploration of the archival holdings at the Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Program. Baeza Ventura is Associate Professor of Hispanic Literature in the Hispanic Studies at the University of Houston and Executive Editor for Arte Público Press. She and her colleague, Carolina Villarroel, are co-PIs on an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant to establish the first program on US Latino/o digital humanities in Texas and the nation.

She joins Élika Ortega-Guzmán (University of Colorado Boulder), Amanda Licastro (University of Pennsylvania), Avery Slater (University of Toronto), Victoria Szabo (Duke University), Danica Savonick (SUNY Cortland), Lee Skallerup Bessette (Georgetown University) and Alison Booth (University of Virginia) on the forum.


“Policies for Forums and Allied Organizations.” Modern Language Association (MLA). 

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