Author on the Airwaves: Carlos Cisneros

Arte Público Press Author Carlos Cisneros featured on Houston Public Media

Houston Public Media radio host Eric Ladau interviewed Cisneros for its website’s “Arte Público Press Authors” feature, and along with the transcript, their conversation is available to listeners on the station’s interactive site through on-demand audio streaming here.

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About the Author:

CARLOS CISNEROS graduated from South Texas College of Law and has his own law practice in Brownsville, Texas. A former assistant district attorney in Cameron County, he has extensive felony and misdemeanor trial experience. Prior to returning to the Rio Grande Valley, he worked as an associate attorney in Houston. Through his work, he has observed first-hand much of what he so vividly narrates in his novels, The Case Runner (Arte Público Press, 2008); The Name Partner (2010) and The Land Grant (2012) . In addition to authoring legal thrillers and screenplays, he writes “Clínica Legal,” a weekly column discussing varied legal topics that appears in El Nuevo Herald, reaching readers all over the Southwest and as far as Argentina and Chile. He lives in Brownsville with his wife and three children.

About his new book, The Paper Lawyer

Disgraced real-estate attorney Camila Harrison loses both her lucrative job as a partner in a well-known Austin law firm and her fiancé, a Texas Supreme Court Justice, when emails she sent to a client expressing her racist views are released to the media. She lands in Houston, practicing social security disability law and seeking criminal appointments in federal court.

All too soon she’s working her first federal criminal case, which involves an undocumented Mexican accused of money laundering. Harrison has no sympathy for illegal aliens and just wants to secure a plea deal quickly. The situation becomes more complicated when she gets to know the defendant, Vicente Aldama, and realizes he came to the US to work and pay for the life-saving surgery his young daughter desperately needs. When her private investigator discovers possible improprieties related to Aldama’s arrest, Harrison begins to seriously consider taking the case to trial despite the advice of colleagues and her complete lack of experience in defending high-stakes federal prosecutions.

Gripping, suspenseful and deeply moving, Cisneros’ uniquely original legal thriller asks questions about race, prejudice and the corruption that pervades American society, even as it proclaims to be the most advanced nation in the world with the best judicial system.