SING, FROGGIE, SING! New bilingual book for kids makes a splash

SING, FROGGIE, SING!Based on a traditional folksong that has been sung by parents and children in Spanish-speaking countries for generations, Canta, Rana, canta / Sing, Froggie, Sing is a charming tale in which a “frog was sitting under the water, when she decided to croak out loud.” But a fly came along and “hushed her mouth.” When the fly decided to buzz out loud, “along came a spider and hushed her mouth.”

In each verse, an insect or animal larger than the one in the previous stanza hushes the smaller one. So the fly hushes the frog, the spider hushes the fly, the mouse the spider, the cat the mouse and so on. The book’s cumulative structure encourages kids to practice their memorization skills while becoming familiar with animals and the sounds they make.

This bilingual edition includes an updated version of the original Spanish, a first-ever English translation, and the musical annotation of the folksong. With animals, people, and music whimsically depicted by illustrator Carolyn Dee Flores, this book will inspire a new generation to discover a unique cultural tradition.


About the Author:

Carolyn Dee Flores lives in San Antonio, Texas. This is her first illustrated picture book.