The Secret of Two Brothers


In this novel set in a poor Hispanic neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, two brothers fight to survive and improve their future.

by Irene Beltran Hernandez

ISBN: 978-1-55885-142-9
Publication Date: September 1995
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 184
Imprint: Piñata Books
11 and up

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Honor, serving as your brother’s keeper, getting back on the right path after having strayed – these are just a few of the values that Beaver embodies as he tries to create a decent life for himself and his brother following his mother’s death and his own stint in prison. Younger brother Cande, a teenager who has been left to fend for himself, has been abused by his father while Beaver served time in the state penitentiary. When Beaver returns to the old barrio, various neighbors and friends pitch in to help him and Cande make their own path. But some of the old pitfalls are still present, as is the very real danger of their abusive father. Will the brothers’ love for each other and their growing support system overcome the barriers and temptations that make a life of crime the easier way?  The Secret of Two Brothers is an inspiration for young people, especially those who have faced the same problems of city life and poverty.