The Mystery of the Mischievous Marker: A Mickey Rangel Mystery / El misterio del malvado marcador: Coleccion Mickey Rangel, Detective Privado


Features young Latino detective Mickey Rangel in the third book in the Mickey Rangel Mystery series.

by René Saldaña, Jr.

ISBN: 978-1-55885-776-6
Publication Date: October 31, 2013
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 64
Imprint: Piñata Books

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It’s Monday morning, and kid detective extraordinaire Mickey Rangel is on the hot seat. “You must be wondering why I’ve called you to my office,” said Mrs. Abrego, the school principal. And in fact, Mickey has been racking his brain and sweating bullets, trying to figure out what he has done to warrant being pulled out of homeroom. Could it have been the spitball fight with his twin brother Ricky on the bus? How could word have gotten to Mrs. A that quickly?

When she instead brings up the recent rash of graffiti on school grounds, Mickey is initially horrified that she might think he’s involved. But he quickly realizes why she has called him in: she needs his help! Mrs. A has heard that Mickey is a detective, and he confirms that he’s the “real deal,” with an online certificate to prove it. She wants him to unmask the Mischievous Marker, the person writing messages all over the school’s walls.

The culprit has left numerous clues in his postings mainly a pronounced lack of grammar and spelling skills and that, along with an anonymous message from a supposed eyewitness pointing the finger at Mickey’s life-long nemesis, Bucho, seem to make for an easy case to solve. But Bucho has denied the accusation and asked for Mickey’s help. So Mickey, flabbergasted but intrigued, is “on the case.”

In the third book in the Mickey Rangel Mystery series for intermediate readers, author and educator Rene Saldana, Jr. has once again crafted an appealing book for kids, and his wise-cracking, smart protagonist will appeal to even the most reluctant readers.

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