The Day of the Moon


by Graciela Limon

ISBN: 978-1-55885-274-7
Publication Date: April, 1999
Bind: Trade Paperback
Pages: 232

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“They call it the Day of the Moon….During the night, when we’re sleeping, our souls do wonderful, mysterious things with those who have gone onto the other side of the sierras. They say it is at this time that we make new songs and poems, and that we discover who we love.”

In a dramatic new work, acclaimed novelist Graciela Limón tells a story that spans the twentieth century, from Mexico to Los Angeles, and four generations of a family named Betancourt. Among its members: the harsh Don Flavio, who believed that mere chance could win or lose one a fortune, but only ruthlessness could hold onto it. . . His enigmatic and secretive sister, Brigida. . . And his golden-haired daughter Isadora, who refused to submit to her father’s dictates, however terrible the cost.

Behind them all stand the haunting figure of the Indian runner Jerónimo Santiago, one of the many Tarahumara people native to the region of the Don Flavio’s hacienda. Though they may wish to deny even the mere presence of the Tarahumara, the Betancourts are all pursued by Jerónimo Santiago—even in death—to the deepest recess of family memory.