The “Calaveras” of Don Moisés Espino del Castillo


By Moisés Espino del Castillo
Edited by Ellen Clark
ISBN: 978-1-61192-698-9
Publication Date: April 30, 2015
Format: e-Book

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This collection of “calaveras,” folk poetry in the Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead celebrations, satirizes public figures, reminding them that their time on earth is limited despite their fame. In addition to the replicas of the “calaveras” originally published in newspapers and magazines, this volume includes background information about this particular poetic genre, biographical information and interviews with Don Moisés and analysis of the poetry. No one escaped Espino’s eye, including Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro and Muhammad Ali! Compiled and edited by University of Texas at San Antonio professor Ellen Clark, this ebook contains Espino’s complete collection.