by James Roberto Curtis

ISBN: 978-1-5588-5096-5
Category: Fiction
Published: 30 Jun 1996
Bind: Trade Paperback
Pages: 200



Miguel is Cuban-American, with the accent on American. But beneath the surface of his sun-drenched Miami lifestyle lurks an evil that threatens to destroy him. The chance reading of a newspaper article reporting a stolen skull and the ritualistic murder of a petty drug dealer pushes Miguel into an underworld where his cultural roots grab him like tentacles. His newly kindled compulsion to learn more about his culture brings him pleasure in the sensuous beauty of Ileana and pain in the enticing danger of voodoo.

Thrust into a tailspin world dominated by santería, the Afro-Caribbean religion of his native island, Miguel and Ileana must find their way among mysterious cult initiations, drum ceremonies to invoke African deities, and ultimately, a hair-raising confrontation with the terrible god Shangó. Chock full of fascinating characters, from the absent minded professor to the touch but sentimental detective, from the inept thugs Hermán and Dago to the malevolent Rosa, and with the added intrigue of Afro-Caribbean religious rituals, Shangó is spellbinding and engrossing.