Rituals of Survival: A Woman’s Portfolio


by Nicholasa Mohr

ISBN: 978-0-934770-39-2
Publication Date: January 1, 1985
Bind: Trade Paperback
Pages: 158



Nicholasa Mohr writes from the heart of her cultural circumstances, that of being a New York Puerto Rican female, and she succeeds in universalizing the struggles and triumphs of the characters that share her background reality. Mohr’s many books have been distinguished by some of the most coveted awards of the publishing world: The New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year, Library Journal Best Book of the Year, American Book Award, National Book Award Finalist, and Jane Adams “Citation of Merit.”

Rituals of Survival: A Woman’s Portfolio is Nicholasa Mohr’s testimonial to the indomitable women who face urban blight, poverty and most of all, the limiting roles that men try to create for them. Mohr’s characters demand our support and respect for their declarations of independence and the domestic and social revolutions they pursue.