Midnight Sandwiches at the Mariposa Express


By Beatriz Rivera

Category: Fiction
Published: 30 Jun 1997
Bind: Trade Paperback
Pages: 184


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Meet Trish Izquierdo, a young, upwardly mobile Latina living in the not-too-lively and perhaps not-too-colorful town of West Echevarria. Weaving together a vivid tapestry of town life and the lives of its citizens, hers is the rich and inviting voice that spins this delightful tale.

Trish knows the town history well and, because she devours travelogues, she knows what the town lacks. As she gathers with everyone to plan the annual celebration of the towns founding at the Mariposa Express, where the townsfolk stop not only to eat its rich food but to catch up on the gossip, Trish decides to make something of West Echevarria. She will fill it with interesting people, give the town culture, even if it means she has to invent, steal and recreate the town’s history!

In this engaging and thought provoking tale of love, compassion and the preservation of family, the town of West Echevarria explodes with life as Trish sets out on an adventure that will leave the reader yearning for more.