Isabel Allende: Life and Spirits


by Celia Correas Zapata
English Translation by Margaret Sayers Peden

ISBN: 1-55885-363-4
Publication Date: 2002
Bind: Clothbound
Pages: 204

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This is an intimate interview/biography of passionate contemporary Latin American author Allende, who became a novelist when she transformed a letter she had written to her dying 99-year-old grandfather into the manuscript for her first novel, La casa de los espiritus (The House of Spirits). This powerful book led Argentine-born biographer Celia Correas Zapata to invite Allende to speak at the university, a meeting that inspired a friendship between the two women. Here, Correas Zapata captures the life, spirit and literature of Allende through a series of interviews with the author. Correas Zapata also shares information she has gathered from Allende’s family and acquaintances in Chile and includes a chronology through 1998, although the biography itself provides information on publications through 2000. There has yet to be a standard biography of Allende, whose life story is still being lived, but this intimate look joins other critical works about her writing and another less contextualized and personal collection of interviews, Conversations with Isabel Allende, to form the basis of knowledge about this important contemporary writer. Recommended for both public and academic libraries.