Don’t Spit on My Corner


Miguel Durán

ISBN: 978-1-55885-042-2
Publication Date: February 29, 1992
Bind: Paperback
Pages: 192
Ages: 11 and up



It is World War II in East Los Angeles. “Little Mike” from “T-Flats” has a dilemma. Manhood for him and his buddies means dressing “cool,” hanging around the corner or cruising the neighborhood, boozing it up and protecting their turf at all costs. His family, his girlfriend and the law think otherwise.

Don’t Spit on My Corner is a fresh, new chronicle of growing up on the “wrong side of the tracks” and clashing with the law. The novel is based on Durán’s own experiences as a teenage pachuco. Now a counselor for youth gangs, Durán has been able to depict with authenticity the language, motivation, and pride of youth headed for trouble. His testimony is poignant, eloquent and disturbing. Don’t Spit on My Corner is absolutely necessary reading for urban youth and everyone interested in them.