Buffalo Nickel


by Floyd Salas

ISBN: 978-1-55885-049-1
Publication Date: January 1, 1992
Pages: 352
Bind: Clothbound



Novelist Floyd Salas charts his dramatic coming of age in the conflicting shadows of two older brothers: one a drug addict and petty criminal, the other an intellectual prodigy. Through intense, passionate prose, Salas takes us through the seedy bars, boxing rings and jails of his youth as he searches for his own true identity amid the tragedies that envelope his family. Buffalo Nickel is an autobiography that reads like a well-crafted novel in its recording of the excessive human costs of addiction.

Aspiring to be like his older brothers at first leads Floyd to excel as an athlete and charmer, but unfortunately, following in his brother’s footsteps also draws the young man into the darker side of life. As Floyd struggles to reform his own life, he is forever and futilely pushing Al to mend his ways. The struggle of the inveterate criminal and the co-dependent relative is dramatically maintained throughout the work until both personalities finally arrive at the definitive plateau of self-knowledge.