Check Out These Exceptional Junior Library Guild Selections

Agua, Agüita / Water, Little Water

“Alcántara’s vibrant stylized illustrations are especially effective in portraying the myriad forms, colors, and textures that water can take on-drops glistening on leaves; a blue-and-white river rolling forth from a mountain; and a purple, orange, and red ocean at sunset. A lyrical journey through the water cycle, sure to inspire the imaginations of young readers and listeners.”

School Library Journal, starred review

Evangelina Takes Flight

“Written in Evangelina’s conscientious voice and containing parallels to some of today’s current events, this hopeful, yet sometimes heartbreaking, novel is a fast and important read.”


“Noble’s poetic yet accessible prose allows the reader to slip into Evangelina’s world and understand that problems can be overcome with perseverance and bravery.”

-Latinxs in Kid Lit

Dennis Chávez: The First Hispanic US Senator / El primer senador hispano de los Estados Unidos

“This biography will be particularly welcome in these challenging times. The historically notable achievements of this great but nearly forgotten American qualify this title as a must-read.”

Kirkus Reviews


The Cholo Tree

“Told in chunks spanning four years, this is a Bildungsroman with a voice reminiscent of Sherman Alexie or Walter Dean Myers, gritty but with a sense of humor. The plot will appeal to reluctant readers, but Victor’s struggle to be taken seriously and define himself without adult input is a teen experience with which a wide range of readers will identify.”

The Horn Book Magazine