Grab your instruments and dance with Julia!

Teach your kids to sing and dance to traditional Afro-Latino music. Enjoy Raquel M. Ortiz’s read-along from her bilingual picture book, When Julia Danced Bomba / Cuando Julia bailaba bomba.      

Run through the jungle with Mayanito!

Take a journey with a Mayan prince as he makes new friends in the wild. Enjoy Raquel M. Ortiz’s read-along from the bilingual picture book, Mayanito’s New Friends /  Los nuevos amigos de Mayanito by author Tato Laviera.      

Bring Characters to Life with a Creative Writing Lesson

Help your kids learn how to develop one of the most important aspects of creative writing, character development. Enjoy Alex Temblador’s lesson and reading from her book, Secrets of the Casa Rosada.   Click here for Alex Temblador’s reading at the Dallas Virtual Book Festival.

Uncover the Hidden History of the American Revolution With Author’s Lesson

Parents, educators and librarians –Share this history lesson about the American Revolution with students from fourth to eighth grade and uncover the true stories behind the authors’ Lorenzo series. Enjoy Líla Guzmán’s history lesson behind the book series she co-wrote with husband Rick Guzmán: Lorenzo’s Secret Mission, Lorenzo’s Revolutionary Quest and Lorenzo and the Turncoats.   Click here for the history lesson.    

Share the joy and pride a boy takes in his name.

Engage in this delightful story about a boy who is proud of his family and where he comes from. Enjoy René Colato Laínez’ read-along from his bilingual picture book, I Am René, the Boy / Soy René, el niño.        

Mystery, Thrillers and Suspense!

Stay on the edge of your seat with these Latino crime thrillers and mysteries!   Trust Me By Richard Z. Santos Charles O’Connell is riding an epic losing streak. Having worked in politics since college, he is used to losing races, but he never imagined that his most recent candidate would end up in jail and that he would also need an attorney. His euphoria at not joining his boss in prison is short-lived—no one will hire him now, his credit cards are maxed out and his marriage is on the rocks. An unexpected offer to work in Santa Fe, New Mexico, doing public relations for a firm building the city’s new airport feels like an opportunity to start fresh and make connections with powerful people out west. But when the construction crew unearths a skeleton, Charles’ fresh start turns into another disaster. Soon, a group of Apache claims the …

Encourage Kids to Work Through Adversity with These Stories

Parents, educators and librarians – Inspire the kids with these autobiographical vignettes about the author’s struggles. Enjoy Ada De Jesús’  lesson and reading from her bilingual book, El baile de octavo y otros recuerdos / The Eighth Grade Dance and Other Memories.   Click here for the Spanish lesson and reading. Click here for a Quizlet following the video.  

Help Kids Create Stories Using Their Imagination with Read-Along

Parents, educators and librarians – Empower your kids to expand their imagination. Enjoy Diane Gonzales Bertrand’s read-along from her bilingual picture book, The Circle Story / El círculo de cuentos.   Click here for the English read-along.  

Discover What Life Is Like On The Ranch With This Online Storytime

Author Ethriam Cash Brammer reads from his bilingual picture book, The Rowdy, Rowdy Ranch / Allá en El Rancho Grande with the help of some special friends.  Enjoy!   Click here for the English read-along. Click here for the Spanish read-along.

Read About Friendship And Playing Outside With This Author Read-along

Parents, educators and librarians–listen to this book and then have kids write their own stories about playing at the park! Enjoy James Luna’s read-alongs from his bilingual picture book, Growing Up on the Playground / Nuestro patio de recreo. Click here for the English version. Click here for the Spanish read-along.