Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project Conference Program

Recovery Conference Program 2017 2-2-2017

Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Project Conference

25th Anniversary Conference

Writing/Righting History


University of Houston

February 9-11, 2017



Thursday, February 9, 2017
1:00 pm–5:00 pm           Recovery Board Meeting
Arte Público Press                                 Conference Room


Friday February 10, 2017

Sessions will take place at the University of Houston’s Hilton Hotel, second floor

8:00-9:00 am     Breakfast and Registration

Waldorf Lobby



Panel 1             Linguistics Approaches to Recovery Works

                        Moderator: Alejandra Balestra, University of Houston

Waldorf Astoria AB

“La voz pasiva perifrástica versus la voz pasiva sintética en cuatro artículos periodísticos de Pedro García de la Lama.”

Yesenia Chávez, University of Houston-Downtown


“Las formas de tratamiento en dos novelas cortas de Eusebio Chacón: El hijo de la tempestad y Tras la tormenta la calma.”

Sonia Dupré, Prairie View A&M University


“La posición del adjetivo en textos periodísticos: Texas y Nuevo México, 1800-1910.”

Laura Gasca Jiménez, University of Houston


“Linguistic Resistance to Conquest in Aurora Lucero-White’s ‘Kearny Takes Las Vegas.’”

Leigh C. Johnson, Marymount University


(DH) Digital Humanities

(HTX) Symposium on “Discovering Tejano History in the 21st Century”


Panel 2             Archives and Activism (DH)

                        Moderator: Helvetia Martell, University of Houston-Downtown

Waldorf Astoria CD

“Re-Imagining the Archive: The Chicana por Mi Raza Digital Memory Collective.” (DH)

María Cotera, University of Michigan, and Linda García Merchant, University of Nebraska


“Making Spanish-Language Oral Histories Accessible through Translation and Linguistic Studies.”

Mikaela Selley, Houston Metropolitan Research Center, and Lydia Jackson, University of Houston-Downtown


“Alurista: Highlights from the Papers of a Chicano Poet, Writer and Activist.”

Cristina Bleyer and Dylan Joy, University of Texas, Benson Latin American Collections


Panel 3             The Literature of Immigration

                        Moderator: José Fernández, University of Central Florida

Waldorf Astoria AE

“Staging Cuba: Cuban Theater and Its Evolution since 1887 in Tampa, Florida.”

Kenya Dworkin, Carnegie Mellon University


“In Their Own Words: Recovering the History of the Spanish Immigrant Experience in the United States through Immigrant Writing.”

Ana Varela-Lago, Northern Arizona University


“Anarchist Literature and Antifascist Humor in España Libre, 1936-1977.”

Montse Feu-López, Sam Houston State University



Panel 1             Building the Colorado Chicano Movement Archives

                        Moderator: Genaro Padilla, University of California, Berkeley 

Waldorf Astoria AB

“Anthologizing the stories of El Movimiento through Archives, Interviews and Primary Sources.”

Deborah Martínez, Colorado State University-Pueblo


“Creating the Connections between Archive, Community and Students.”

Fawn-Amber Montoya, Colorado State University-Pueblo


“Building the Colorado Chicano Movement Archives: A Collaborative Partnership between Campus and Community.”

Beverly Allen, Colorado State University-Pueblo


Panel 2             Non-Print and Non-Manuscript Forms of Recovery

                        Moderator: Carmen E. Lamas, University of Virginia

Waldorf Astoria CD

“The Leopolds in Light of the Lunas: Making Mexican-American Environmentalism Visible.”

Priscilla Solís Ybarra, University of North Texas


“Social Media and Recovery Projects: Following the Manito Trail.”

Vanessa Fonseca, Arizona State University


“Hispanic Arborglyphs, Landscape and Place: Tree Graffiti at the Ends of the Manito Trail.”

Troy Lovata, University of New Mexico


“Forged Recovery: The Invention of the Peralta Grant.”

Anita Huízar, University of Arizona


Panel 3             Resisting Recovered Author(ity)

                        Moderator: José Aranda, Rice University

Waldorf Astoria AE

“Getting Beyond Martí in ‘American’ Literature’ Classrooms.”

Kirsten Silva Gruesz, University of California, Santa Cruz


“Recovering from Ruiz de Burton: Twelve Steps off the María Fetish.”

Jesse Alemán, University of New Mexico


“Did Félix Varela Write Jicoténcal?”

Rodrigo Lazo, University of California, Irvine


 12:00-1:00         LUNCH (on your own) [Eric’s at Hilton Hotel, Food court at the University Center, Moody Towers (Fresh Foods Dining Hall)]



 Panel 1             Building Resources and Curricula

                        Moderator: Monica Perales, University of Houston

Waldorf Astoria AB

“There is more than one way to do it. Curriculum Development and the Study of Hispanic Literature of the United States.”

Catalina Castillón, Lamar University


“Incorporating the Mendez v. Westminster (1945) Legal Case into the Curricula of Teacher Education.”

Cristina Ríos, Lamar University


“Uncovering the Recovered: the Indexing of the ‘Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Project’ Volumes.”

Helvetia Martell, University of Houston-Downtown


“A Comparable Story? Literary Recovery and Biculturalism in Wales.”

Tudur Hallam, Swansea University


Panel 2             The Chacón Family of New Mexico

                        Moderator: Gabriel Meléndez, University of New Mexico

Waldorf Astoria CD

“Heteroglossia by Gender, Genre and Generation: La Familia Chacón, What’s Left to Recover?”

Gabriel Meléndez, University of New Mexico


“Navigating a Fine Bilingual Line in Early Twentieth-Century New Mexico: El Cantor Neo-Mexicano, Felipe M. Chacón.”

Ana Nogar, University of New Mexico


“Recovering Our History, Recovering History: The Case of Rafael Chacón.”

Genaro Padilla, University of California, Berkeley


“Literary Detective Work to Bring Eusebio Chacón Out of the Telarañas.”

Francisco Lomelí, University of California, Santa Bárbara


Panel 3             Recovering Feminist Discourse

                        Moderator: Clara Lomas, The Colorado College

Waldorf Astoria AE

“Lydia Cabrera, Anthropology and Forbidden Desires.”

Mabel Cuesta, University of Houston


“Historical Representation & Translation: The Making of a Bilingual Anthology of Mexican-American Women’s Cross-border Discourse.”

Cristina D. Ramírez, University of Arizona, Tucson


“Mercedes de Acosta: Poetry between ‘Old and New Worlds.’”

Fábio Salem Daie, University of São Paulo



Panel 1             Transamerican Connections: Revisiting Latinidad from Mexican Cession to Puerto Rican Colonization

                        Moderator: Antonio Tillis, University of Houston

Waldorf Astoria AB     

“Through the Gyre of Americanity: Central American and Californian Print Networks in the 1850s.”

Jazmín Delgado Flores, University of Pennsylvania


“The Translation Strategies of Miguel Tolón and Eusebio Guiteras.”

Camen E. Lamas, University of Virginia


“Staging Uncle Tom’s Cabin in Mexico.”

Maria A. Windell, University of Colorado, Boulder


Ten con Ten: Tomás Carrión Maduro and the Oscillations of Afro-Latino.”

José Fusté, University of Washington, Bothell


Panel 2             Feminine Power: Folklore, Archives and Art

                        Moderator: Yolanda Padilla, University of Washington, Bothell

Waldorf Astoria CD

“Aurora Lucero-White and the Sociedad Folklórica’s Impact on Mexican-American Women’s Writing in New Mexico.”

Elena Valdez, Rice University


“Chicana Feminism: Looking through the Archives.”

Maricruz Gómez, University of North Texas, Denton


“Marianism, Sociedades Guadalupanas and Images of Feminine Power: Folkloric Religious Art (Especially Angels) during the First Half of the Twentieth-Century.”

Debra Andrist, Sam Houston State University


Panel 3             Puro Tejano

                        Moderator: Donna Kabalen de Bichara, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey

Waldorf Astoria AE

“Américo Paredes, Nelson Algren and the Texas Stories.”

José Limón, University of Notre Dame


“Hegemonizing Homoerotics, or Putting ‘the Devil’ Back in Devlin: Cartographic Consciousness, Costumbrismo, Capital and Spoiled Romance in Caballero.”

Diana Noreen Rivera, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley


“Historia y herencia hispana en la literatura de Adina de Zavala y Jovita González.”

Erika Zavala, Texas Tech University, Lubbock



Panel 1             Non-Conformist and Rebellious Women Writers

                        Moderator: Antonia Castañeda, Independent Scholar

Waldorf Astoria AB

“Cultural Expressions in The Rebel / La Rebelde by Leonor Villegas de Magnón.”

Norma Mouton, Independent Scholar


“Revolutionary Sentiments: Tormented Feeling, the Mexican Revolution and María Cristina Mena’s Short Stories.”

Wanalee O. Romero, University of Houston-Clear Lake


“Space, Place and Identity in Ruiz de Burton’s Who Would Have Thought It?

Michael Vélez, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Panel 2             De Diásporas y Naciones

                        Moderator: Miriam Jiménez Román, AfroLatin@ Forum

Waldorf Astoria CD

Paisa: Cosmovisión de la diáspora puertorriqueña.”

José B. Fernández, University of Central Florida


“La nación intervenida: el proceso de formación de la nación puertorriqueña en las crónicas de Jesús Colón.”

Bruno Ríos, University of Houston


“The Surfacing of the Jíbaro in the Puerto Rican Literary Landscape.”

Jennet Rodriguez, Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez, Puerto Rico


Panel 3             Oriundos del Sur y del Caribe

                        Moderator: Kenya Dworkin, Carnegie Mellon University

Waldorf Astoria AE

“César Zumeta: Lo epistemológico y ontológico de sus obras como legado cultural para Estados Unidos.”

Oswaldo Hevia, Universidad Central de Venezuela


“Articulaciones del afecto, la patria y la inmigración en la poesía de César G. Torres.”

Juan Carlos Rozo, University of Houston


“La intervención estadounidense a través de la prensa de Santiago de Cuba (1898-1902).”

Carlos Naranjo, University of Houston



6:00 pm

Conrad Lobby

Join us for hors d’oeuvres and wine and enjoy traditional and modern music from the Hispanic world by Juan Carlos Ramos.

Book signing by Arte Público Press authors.



7:00 pm

Conrad Ballroom



Michael A. Olivas, the William B. Bates Distinguished Chair of Law at the University of Houston Law Center and interim president of the University of Houston-Downtown. He is the author or co-author of fifteen books, including “Colored Men” and “Hombres Aquí”: Hernandez v. Texas and the emergence of Mexican American Lawyering.


Olivia Negrón, actress and writer, known for her work on stage, film and TV. She performed on Broadway in Cuba and His Teddy Bear, with Robert De Niro, and Serious Money, with Alec Baldwin and Kate Nelligan. She has appeared on numerous television shows, including Devious Maids, Law & Order, Without a Trace, The Rock and 21 Jump Street.



Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sessions will take place at the University of Houston Student Center (Across the street from the Hilton Hotel)


 Book sale, coffee and pan dulce in Synergy Room – Student Center North A (212)


 8:00-8:45           Discovering Tejano History in the 21st Century (HTX)

                        Breakfast and Opening remarks

Student Center North – SGA Senate Chamber (204)

 Andrés Tijerina, Professor at Austin Community College

Loretta Martínez Williams, President, Tejano Association for Historical Preservation

Hipólito Acosta, Author and Presidente Emérito de Empresarios Latinos de Houston




Panel 1             Tejanos in War and Civil Rights Struggles (HTX)                    

                        Moderator: Andrés Tijerina, Austin Community College

Student Center North – SGA Senate Chamber (204)

“The Great War, Texas, and the Meaning of Democracy in The World War I Diary of José de la Luz Sáenz.”

John Morán González, The University of Texas at Austin


“Back to the Front: Following the Trail of José de la Luz Sáenz in France.”

Emilio Zamora, The University of Texas at Austin


“‘A Little Mexican Blood’: The Melon March and Subsequent Labor Organizing in South Texas.”

Norma Cantú, Trinity University, San Antonio


Panel 2             Considering Politics/Social Class in Recovery (HTX)

                        Moderator: María Cotera, University of Michigan

Student Center South – Skyline (223)

“Critical Translation: The Politics and Writings of Jorge Ainslie.”

José Aranda, Rice University


“Sólo un ‘miraje’: Negotiating Affect-Culture, Social Class and Lived Class Experience in Jorge Ainslie’s Los Repatriados.”

Lorena Gauthereau, Rice University


“Recovering Bracero Literature: Jesús Topete’s Aventuras de un bracero (1949).”

Bill Johnson González, De Paul University


“Letters from ‘El México Perdido’: Digitizing Correspondence from ‘El México de Afuera’ to ‘La Madre Patria’ during the Nineteenth Century.” (DH)

José Angel Hernández, University of Houston


Panel 3             De Exilios e Historia (HTX)

                        Moderator: Blanca López de Mariscal, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey

Student Center South – Heights (224)

“T. F. Serrano, escritor exiliado del siglo XX.”

Sylvia Fernández, University of Houston


“¡Volver del destierro!: Aproximaciones espacio-temporales en la novela La patria perdida de Teodoro Torres.”

Laura P. Garza, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley


“XIX Century Intellectual History in Texas.”

Raúl Ramos, University of Houston




Panel 1             El México de afuera (HTX)

                        Moderator: John Morán González, The University of Texas at Austin

Student Center North – SGA Senate Chamber (204)

“Representing the Mexican Revolution in the Texas Periodical La Prensa: Jorge Ainslie’s ‘Mis andanzas en la Revolución Escobarista.’”

Donna Kabalen de Bichara, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey


“Writing Home from Abroad: México de afuera and Expatriate Citizenship.”

Alberto Varón, Indiana University, Bloomington


“Latinos and World War II.”

Maggie Rivas-Rodríguez, The University of Texas at Austin


Panel 2             On War and Violence (DH)

                        Moderator: Emilio Zamora, The University of Texas at Austin

Student Center South – Skyline (223)

“War Stories: Preserving Houston’s Latino History through the Digital Humanities.” (DH)

Rubén Durán and Jesús Jesse Esparza, Houston Community College, and Charlotte Hamilton, Texas Southern University


“Mapping Violence: Possibilities and Limits of Digital Projects for Reckoning with Histories of Anti-Mexican Violence.” (DH)

Mónica Muñoz Martínez, Brown University


“De espías, exiliados y argumentación: el discurso de espionaje en Estados Unidos.”

Griselda Zárate, Universidad Regiomontana


Panel 3             The Colonial Legacy

                        Moderator: Manuel Martín-Rodríguez, University of California, Merced

Student Center South – Heights (224)

“Crises of Inter-American Unity in Jicoténcal and the Congress of Panama (1826).”

Evelyn Soto, University of Pennsylvania


“Félix Varela’s Jicotencal as Allegory: Scholasticism to Modern Philosophy.”

Raúl Coronado, University of California, Berkeley


“Textos recobrados sobre prácticas religiosas arraigadas.”

Mirjana Polić Bobić, Universidad de Zagreb



The State of the Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage

Nicolás Kanellos, Director

Student Center South – Multipurpose Event Space (237) 

(You are welcome to bring your lunch)



Panel 1             The Construction of Tejano History (HTX)

                        Moderator: Tomás Ybarra Frausto, Independent Scholar

Student Center South – Skyline (223)

“Food, Memory and Migration: Tejana Migrations to the Pacific Northwest, 1945-1965.”

Antonia Castañeda, Independent Scholar


“Pega poco, pero P. Galindo: Edición y rescate de la obra de José Díaz.”

Manuel Martín-Rodríguez, University of California, Merced


“El diario de la prisión de Stephen F. Austin: Un estudio lingüístico.”

Victoria Arbizu-Sabater, Rice University


Panel 2             Recovering Other Media

                        Moderator: Kirsten Silva Gruesz, University of California Santa Cruz

Student Center North – SGA Senate Chamber (204)

“Hollywood a la caza de El Zorro: Silente (1920) & Sonido (1940) & Color (1974).”

Alfredo Fernández, Texas A&M Prairie View University


“Latina/o Periodical Literature during the Silent Film Era.” (DH)

John Alba Cutler, Northwestern University


“Fernando Cornejo and Mayan Revival Art in California.”

Viviane Mahieux, University of California, Irvine


“That’s the Kind of Love: The Mystics, Soul Music and Recovering the Musical Archive in 1970s Latino Chicago.”

Rodolfo Aguilar, Kennesaw State University


Panel 3             Remembering and Recovering Our Voices

                        Moderator: Lisa Cruces, University of Houston

Student Center South – Heights (224)

“Re-membering Mexican-American Literary Inheritance.”

Erin Murrah-Mandril, University of Texas at Arlington


“Recovering Mexicana Voices through the Archive within the Archive.”

Karen R. Roybal, The Colorado College


“Between the Text and Memory: Recovering Early Hispanic Immigrant Narratives.”

Vincent Pérez, University of Nevada, Las Vegas



Panel 1             La Etnohistoria Indígena de Texas (HTX)

                        Moderator: Esther Fernández, Rice University

Student Center South – Skyline (223)


“Un grupo documental para la evangelización de los coahuiltecos.”

Blanca López de Mariscal, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey


“Alasapas, Borrados, Coahuiltecos: la etnohistoria de los indígenas de las misiones texanas a través de textos religiosos.”

Paloma Vargas Montes, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey


“Vito Alessio Robles: Fundación de San Antonio, Texas, en un libro mexicano de 1938 que remite al diario de Alarcón de 1718.”

Gerardo Salvador González Lara, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey



Panel 2             Inmigración e Hibridación


Student Center South – Heights (224)

“Mario Suárez and John Rechy: Nepantleros of Mexican-American Recovery Literature.”

Spencer R. Herrera, New Mexico State University


“José Rivera y Río: Nueva York y la víspera de la literatura de inmigración hispana.”

Natasha César Suárez, University of Houston


¿Intolerancia o discriminación? Doble estándar en la narración de Lucas Guevara.”

Jaime Retamales, Lamar University


“Conflicto cultural e hibridación en el teatro de inmigración del suroeste de Estados Unidos. Especial mención de las obras de la Bella Netty y Jesús Rodríguez (1930-1940).”

María Sánchez Carbajo, University of Houston


 Panel 3             Digital Humanities Center for Latina/o Studies (DH)

                        Moderator: John Alba Cutler, Northwestern University

Student Center North – SGA Senate Chamber (204)

“The Digital Humanities Center for Latina/o Studies, Recovery Project’s Next Step.” (DH)

Gabriela Baeza Ventura and Carolina A. Villarroel, University of Houston


“The Role of Archives in the Digital Humanities Era.” (DH)

Lisa Cruces, University of Houston


“Corpus Methods for the Linguistic Analysis of Recovered Texts.” (DH)

Edie Furniss, Diana Reyes and Rosalva Alamillo, University of Houston


“Cartografía de periódicos fronterizos de 1800 a 1960”. (DH)

Maira E. Álvarez and Sylvia Fernández, University of Houston



Student Center South – Multipurpose Event Space (237) 

Recovery’s 25th Anniversary Toast: A Conversation with the Founders: Antonia Castañeda, Antonio Saborit, Tomás Ybarra Frausto, Nicolás Kanellos, Genaro Padilla, Francisco Lomelí, Kenya Dworkin, José Fernández, Gerald Poyo and Clara Lomas


 6:00 pm

Closing reception with prosecco and cake.


In Memoriam

Judith Ortiz Cofer

Tato Laviera

Edwin K. Padilla Aponte

  1. Arturo Rosales


 Sponsors: Américas Research Center at Rice University; University of Houston Department of Hispanic Studies; UH Center for Mexican American Studies; UH Office of Admissions; Humanities Texas; UH Language Acquisition Center; International Studies, Office of the UH Provost; Repsol; Beth Robertson; Goya; Avant Garden; Whiterman.


Special thanks to the

Organización de Estudiantes de Estudios Hispánicos

Specially to our coordinating committee

Sylvia Fernández

Isis Campos

Annette Zapata














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