Lupita’s Papalote / El papalote de Lupita


An engaging bilingual tale that places emphasis on the power of imagination and creative resourcefulness.

by Lupe Ruiz-Flores
Illustrated by Pauline Rodriguez Howard
Spanish Translation by Gabriela Baeza Ventura

ISBN: 978-1-55885-359-1
Publication Date: 2002
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32
Imprint: Piñata Books

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Lupita sits on the wooden steps of her house and stares into the sky. It is not a commercial airplane that holds her attention or even a bird bedecked in exotic plumes. No, it’s none of these things. Lupita cannot tear her eyes away from the colorful papalotes, or kites, that capture her attention. They dot the sky over her head, playing in the wind, and seeing them, Lupita yearns for one of her own.

But when Lupita approaches her mother about buying one, her mother tells her that they cannot afford one of the beautiful, but expensive, toys. The family needs to save all of its money for school supplies and other must-haves. The kite remains in Lupita’s mind, until with the help of her father, Lupita hatches a plan to make her very own. Finally, Lupita has a chance to let her dreams take flight.

Graced with tender illustrations and playful text, this joyful bilingual picture book offers children aged 3 to 7 the opportunity to let their imaginations fly with Lupita’s.