Benito’s Sopaipillas / Las sopaipillas de Benito


by Ana Baca
Illustrated by Anthony Accardo
Spanish translation by Carolina Villaroel

ISBN: 9781558853706
Category: Picture Book
Published: 30 Apr 2007
Bind: Hardcover
Pages: 32
Age Group: 3-7

This tantalizing bilingual picture book for children shares the magical history of a favorite treat

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Everyone loves the taste of the puffed pillows of fried bread known as sopaipillas, whether they’re drizzled with honey or sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. But most people, young Cristina included, don’t know about this Southwestern treat’s magical origins, or how it got its name.

One hot summer morning, Cristina’s abuelita promises to teach her how to make the tasty fried bread and explain how she knows that making sopaipillas will bring rain! Long ago, Cristina’s great-grandfather Benito was desperate. His crops were dying because it hadn’t rained for months. One day, exhausted and weak from working the fields, Benito watched in amazement as a scarecrow came to life and begged him to help bring rain. The worried scarecrow claimed to know how. But could a scarecrow—and pieces of dough—really bring rain to the dry and dusty fields? Could Benito really save everyone’s crops?

And so Benito—and many years later his great-granddaughter Cristina—learned about the pillows of bread known as “soup catchers” that, like clouds, catch rain drops and bring them down to earth.

Benito’s Sopaipillas / Las sopaipillas de Benito is a magical bilingual picture book for children aged 3-7 that celebrates a delicious staple of Southwestern cuisine. And for those children who want to test the magic of the sopaipillas, a recipe is included in English and Spanish.

“Baca offers another tale about the appealing and not always sensible Benito…it will likely charm [young readers].”—Kirkus Reviews

“This charming bilingual children’s book relates the magical tales of how the tasty little pillows of fried bread known as sopaipillas ended a drought…an enjoyable read for the small fry and a lesson in faith.”—Today’s Catholic

“A story of faith, imagination, and legends…Read this story when you need a few refreshing drops of hope.”—MultiCultural Review

ANA BACA, a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the author of three lively bilingual children’s books; Benito’s Sopaipillas / Las sopaipillas de Benito (Piñata Books, 2007), Chiles for Benito/Chiles para Benito (Piñata Books, 2003) and Benito’s Bizcochitos/Los bizcochitos de Benito (Piñata Books, 1999). She graduated from Stanford University (B.A.) and the University of New Mexico (M.A.) with degrees in English Literature and currently resides in New Mexico.

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ANTHONY ACCARDO has illustrated more than fifty children’s books, including Chiles for Benito / Chiles para Benito (Piñata Books, 2003) and The Last Doll / La última muñeca (Piñata Books, 2001). His paintings have been exhibited in both the United States and Europe. A New York native, he lives in Brooklyn.

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CAROLINA VILLARROEL is the Brown Foundation Director of Research at Arte Público Press. Carolina began at Arte Público Press in 1997 as a Research Assistant while pursuing her Ph.D. in the UH Hispanic Studies Department. She now oversees the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project.

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