Arte Público Press

February 20, 2018

Gary Undercuffler

  GARY UNDERCUFFLER is the illustrator of two children’s books: Harvesting Friends / Cosechando amigos (Piñata Books, 2018) and Francisco’s Kites/Las cometas de Francisco (Piñata Books, 2015). In addition to teaching art and design, Gary Undercuffler has received
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Angela De Hoyos

ANGELA DE HOYOS (1940-2009), a native of Coahuila, Mexico, spent most of her life in San Antonio, Texas. She authored several poetry collections and, with her husband, ran a small publishing house, M&A Editions, which published other Chicano authors. Her poetry was translated
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Maria Dominguez

 MARIA DOMINGUEZ moved from Cataño, Puerto Rico, to New York City when she was five years old. She began her artistic career as a muralist with Cityarts in 1982; that first experience with public art showed her that people can create art together for their community. Over the
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Anne Vega

  ANNE VEGA is the illustrator of Magda’s Tortillas / Las tortillas de Magda (Piñata Books, 2000), Magda’s Piñata Magic / Magda y la piñata mágica (Piñata Books, 2001), and El torneo de trabalenguas / The Tongue Twister Tournament (Piñata Books, 2016). She lives and works in
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Cissie Coy

CISSIE COY, a novelist and journalist, was a staff writer for WETA, Washington’s public TV station, and AARP. She is the author of several novels for adults, and her work has appeared in numerous publications, including The Washington Post, VISTA, Sesame Street, Parents’ Guide,
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Carolina Villarroel

  CAROLINA VILLARROEL is the Spanish translator for many children’s books, including Alidis Vincente’s bilingual “flip” book, The Shameless Shenanigans of Mister Malo/ Las terribles travesuras de Mister Malo (Piñata Books, 2017). Carolina began at Arte Público
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