Dalia’s Wondrous Hair / El cabello maravilloso de Dalia

by Laura Lacámara
Spanish-language translation by Gabriela Baeza Ventura

Publication Date: May 31, 2014
Bind: Hardcover
Pages: 32
Ages: 4-9
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Alicia’s Fruity Drinks / Las aguas frescas de Alicia

Lupe Ruiz-Flores
Illustrations by Laura Lacámara

ISBN: 978-1-55885-705-6
Publication Date: May 31, 2012 
Bind: Hardcover
Pages: 32
Ages: 5 – 8

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The Runaway Piggy / El cochinito fugitivo

by James Luna
Illustrations by Laura Lacámara
Spanish translation by Carolina Villarroel

ISBN: 978-1-55885-586-1
Publication Date: November 30, 2010   
Pages: 32
Imprint: Piñata Books
Trim Size: 8 ½ x 11
Format: Hardcover
Ages: 4-8

This rollicking bilingual picture book re-tells a familiar story with a Latino twist.

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Letters from Heaven / Cartas del cielo

by Lydia Gil

ISBN: 978-1-55885-798-8
Publication Date: October 31, 2014
Bind: Trade Paperback
Pages: 116
Ages: 8-12

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South Wind Come

by Tina Juarez

ISBN: 978-1-55885-231-0
Publication Date: October, 1998
Bind: Trade Paperback
Pages: 288


A Life Crossing Borders: Memoir of a Mexican-American Civil War Soldier / Las memorias de un soldado méxico-americano en la Guerra Civil Americana

by Rev. Santiago Tafolla

ISBN: 978-1-55885-597-7
Publication Date: November 30, 2009
Bind: Trade Paperback
Pages: 288

A powerful autobiography that reclaims the history of Latinos in the area that has become the U.S. during a time of continually shifting borders and allegiances

[button color="#EFFBEF" background="#F08211" size="medium" href="http://www.scribd.com/doc/204289983/A-Life-Crossing-Borders-Memoir-of-a-Mexican-American-ConfederateLas-memorias-de-un-mexicoamericano-en-la-Confederacionby-Rev-Santiago-Tafolla" target="new"]Look Inside[/button]


Marina’s Muumuu / El muumuu de Marina

by Evangelina Vigil-Piñón

Illustrations by Pablo Torrecilla

ISBN: 978-1-55885-350-8
Publication Date: October 31, 2001  
Pages: 32
Imprint: Piñata Books
Trim Size: 8 ½ x 11
Bind: Hardcover
Ages: 3-7

A bilingual picture book about a young girl’s search for family traditions and culture.

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Magda’s Tortillas / Las tortillas de Magda

by Becky Chavarría-Cháirez

Illustrations by Anne Vega

Spanish translation by Julia Mercedes Castilla

ISBN: 978-1-55885-286-0
Publication Date: May 31, 2000
Pages: 32
Ages: 3-7
Imprint: Piñata Books
Trim: 8 ½ X 11
Bind: Hardcover

A bilingual picture book for children about a young girl’s first tortilla-making adventure.

[button color="#EFFBEF" background="#F08221" size="medium" href="http://www.scribd.com/doc/204313469/Magda-s-Tortillas-Las-Tortillas-de-Magda-by-Becky-Chavarria-Chairez" target="new"]Look Inside[/button]